As of 17th of October 2022, our organization is part of a network of public accountants and independent auditors, lawyers and business advisors, around the world, its headquarters is at 1180 Avenue of the Americas, 8th floor, 10036 New York, NY, USA. Web Site: 

UC&CS Global was founded by UC&CS América and its Strategic Associates, both from America, and from the other Continents, when they visualized the need for a multidisciplinary association, internationally, to serve their clients beyond the borders of their respective countries.

The competitive advantage of the global firm is the personal service it provides to its clients with a global coverage on 4 continents.

The quality of the association is based on the letter of recognition of values, which all the Strategic Associates of UC&CS Global sign upon their entry to the association of international firms, which basically recognizes 5 fundamental VALUES:

        * HONESTY
        * LOYALTY
        * EQUITY
        * ETHICS

UC&CS Global currently has a network of 123 affiliated or allied firms, 200 offices in 50 countries and more than 3,000 professionals serving more than 6,700 clients worldwide. Its annual income exceeds $ 228 million US dollars.

The current economic environment demands companies globalization and therefore they require transcontinental firms, that is why UC&CS Global has affiliated offices that meet international quality standards and that locally, in their countries, fully know the regulations legal, fiscal and accounting, legal and economic reality to be able to advise you in your local businesses or operations and guide you in your investments abroad, in most of the major financial centres in the world.

Also as of 17th of October 2022, Slamet Riyanto, Ariyanto, and Partners Registered Public Accountants and  UC&CS America, an international firm of public accountants, auditors and
administrative consultants, specializing in accounting, taxes, international trade, transfer pricing, corporate finance, technological information, exchange management, etc.

Its headquarters are located on Paseo de la Reforma 222, 18th floor, Col. Juárez, 06600 Mexico City. Web site: 

UC&CS América (UC & CS, from United Consulting & Corporate Services) was founded 17 years ago in Mexico, Federal District, when some practice partners in Mexico, coming from Los 4 Grandes, realized that it was necessary to have an association of firms of accountants

and auditors, at international level, in order to serve their clients beyond their borders, with the same quality standards that previously governed in said 4 Great.

Subsequently, the association continued to grow in most of Latin America, and this is how in 1998, UC&CS America began to associate companies in Latin America and its operations were grouped into three regions, for organizational purposes:

1. North America: Canada, the United States and Mexico.

2. Central America, the Caribbean and the Andes: Guatemala, El Salvador,
Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and

  1. Southern Cone: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.The competitive advantage of UC&CS is the personal service with the Latin touch, offered to its clients, in addition to the global coverage, in their own language, as well as partners who speak Spanish, Portuguese, French and English fluently. 

    The quality of the association is supported by the company bylaws, by the strategic partnership contract signed by all the members on their affiliation and by the corporate policy manual.

    Operationally, it has quality standards supported by an audit manual, a compilation of tax regimes in Latin America, a compilation of the International Financial Reporting Regulations and a customized audit software for the Americas.