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The Public Accounting Firm of Slamet Riyanto, Aryanto and Partners (KAP SLR) represented by Mr. Slamet Riyanto himself, on October 17, 2022, signed a strategic partnership agreement with an international firm, namely UC&CS Global. UC&CS Global was represented by the signing by Mauricio Mobarak Gonzales as President of the World Council. This collaboration between KAP SLR and UC&CS Global has also been registered at the Center for Financial Profession Development (PPPK) of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.

UC&CS Global is also associated with UC&CS America, which has been affiliated with more than 50 countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. For Indonesia, UC&CS Global only works with KAP SLR.

The scope of this affiliate cooperation is centered on auditing financial statements but is not limited to other assurance services. KAP SLR will also apply the audit methodology provided by UC&CS Global, which will later be examined by UC&CS Global, which UC&CS Global will examine on the application of the methodology applied by KAP SLR.

Our hope this collaboration can expand the KAP SLR network on a global scope, a means for sharing knowledge and information at the international level, which in turn will improve the quality of service from KAP SLR to its service users.