Our service consists of recruitment, recording and accounting processing, payroII processing and calculation, determination of tax contributions as well as praparation of financial statements and arrangements before Federal and Local Agencies. Companies on development usually require our services during their start-up preoperational and / or starting stage.


The audit of financial statements for financial and tax purposes, the Social Security, housing and local taxes, is one of the services in high demand by our customers, so we have vast experience in these subjects and particularly in all kinds of industrial, commercial and service companies. The methodology used in our audits is one of the most effective and understand the b us ines s of th e client an d its environment, with the analythical review of the financial statements and an evaluation of internal control, allows us to identifly specific risks in the different audit areas and we apply in three phases:

First stage

Includes the activities of the initial planning, collection of info rmation, evaluation of internal controls and design of our auditing approach, based on audit risk.

Second stage

The main objective of this phase is based mainly on an internal control approach and is to obtain evidence or absence of monetary errors in the financial statements, for which we carry out tests of the controls in the Purchases, Sales, Payroll ad Warehousearea

Third stage

The objetive of the third stage is to complete the joint audit, in order to issue an opinion on the financial statements and understand the application of substantive procedures to the different areas, review of subsequent events, valuation of the results of our aud it, conclusion and opinion about our audit work and issuance of our opinion.


We offer this service that summarizes the main aspects of the evaluated company, such as: accounting, administrative, fiscal, operational, financial and labor, to provide the prospective buyer with an investor report and if applicable, valuation of shares


Through professional and permanent advise, we collaborate with companies in the fulfillment of their tax obligations, allowing them to obtain greater benefits according to the current legislation. Our group of professionals, includes specialists who can provide comprehensive advice according to the needs of each of our customers.

In the area of tax consulting, our services have always been aimed at improving the fiscal / financial productivity of our customers, since unknowledge of tax laws leads taxpayers to pay more taxes than those caused, which has an impact on the financial area, so the service in this area has always bee updated pursuant to the legal provisions issued by the authorities

Also, according to the needs of customers, different tax alternatives are implemented within the legal framework, to help with the optimization of tax productivity. Within the legal area, we are specialists in tax litigation, through the promotion of revocation resources, annulment proceedings, protection trials and any other necessary instance according to the requirements of our customers.


We offer business portfolio financial integration studies to evaluate the investment structure, cash flows, investment recovery periods, yields and pro forma balances. The design of financing alternatives for a specific product: Promotion Agencies, Auxiliary Institutions, Stock Market Schemes, Preparation of Business Expansion Plans, Mergers and Acquisitons, Co-investment and International Trade.


We carry out studies on:

  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Tariff Fraction
  • Organization of international trade areas
  • Exporting programs
  • Importing programs


Annual study of transfer pricing between related parties under the different methods:

  • Uncontrolled Comparable Price
  • Resale Price
  • Cost Plus
  • Transactional Net Margin
  • Profit Split and
  • Residual Profit Split
  • BEPS Studies

We have databases to establish the comparability of the prices used with related parties, whether trom abroad or national. We comply with the tax laws to carry out this important study in any country of the World.


Planning, design, automation, testing, training and release of systems , policies and procedures allowing the execution of business strategies and supporting the work of control and audit of efficiency and effectiveness.

Reengineering of business processes and integration of critical mission systems for the company as well as management information systems for decision making, including the selection and adaptation of software more suitable for the company.

Strategic planning, marketing strategies and foreign trade. Systems of personnel evaluation, behavior and organizational development, administrative and financial control systems, administrative audit, enrichment and redesign of positions and analysis and redesign of positions and optimization of structures.


  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Internal Audit
  • Fiscal
  • Legal
  • Manpower